SIGN THE PETITION: Reinstate the 76 bus route to Station Road

In September this year First bus announced changes to the No.76 bus route. Instead of travelling to Station Road the service now terminates at Crow Lane. Their justification for this is that they have altered the No.2 route so that it now travels to that area of Henbury and on to Cribbs Causeway. 

We disagree strongly with this decision. The 76 was an invaluable connection for the wider Henbury community to Southmead Hospital. By finishing at Crow Lane it is making it harder for many elderly and poorly residents to access the vital health care that they need.

We have already written to First Bus to lodge our complaints but they are sticking to their guns. We are therefore asking local residents to sign the petition below and make your feelings know. 

The petition can be accessed by clicking HERE.