1. Campaigning to improve local transport

Transport is one of the issues that always comes up when ever I talk to local residents. This is obviously a varied topic but a hugely important one - especially considering all of the traffic that we will 'inherit' when the new housing is built in South Gloucestershire.

I have worked hard to secure improvements in our community - including removing pinch points, installing parking bays, crossing points and putting in yellow lines. The thing I am most proud of though is getting the agreement and funding for the re-opening of a Henbury Train Station in 2021. Never the less there is still more work to do.

My goals for the future are:

  • Deliver the Train Station by 2021 and continue to push for the full Henbury Loop.
  • Improve the junction at the end of Crow Lane where it meats Henbury Road.
  • Get two crossing points installed on Charlton Road near the shops and Kingsweston Road near the Blaise play area.
  • Continue to oppose any 'rat-runs' from the South Gloucestershire housing development.
  • Work to reduce speeds on Brentry Lane.
  • Try to secure funding for additional parking bays across Henbury & Brentry.

If you have any other priorities then do please let me know.