The Council have finally started their long delayed review of the 20mph speed limits in Bristol. As you may remember these were introduced in 2014 when the vast majority of Bristol roads were converted to 20mph at a cost of £3.2m.

I have long been sceptical as to whether this offered value for money. I would much rather have seen a series of specific targeted proposals, such as zebra crossing or speed plateaus, around ‘vulnerable areas’ such as schools and parks (and judging on the evidence coming out of South Gloucestershire it might have proven more effective). However we are where we are.

The Council are not looking to change the whole network back to 30mph but rather looking at certain roads where the current speed limit isn’t working very well. You can comment on any road you want to but in Henbury and Brentry they are specifically looking at three roads - Station Road, Hallen Road and Charlton Road. All three are 20mph but they are asking whether they should either stay at 20mph or increase. 

You can have your say on the consultation by clicking HERE.