Parking Consulation at Blaise Castle Estate

As you will know the Council are introducing parking charges at the Blaise Estate (£2 per day) from the mid autumn.

For the record I think that these are a bad idea (and yes I voted against them and tried to move a budget amendment to scrap them - sadly this was voted down by other political groups). Once it became clear that the Council were going to press ahead with this ill thought through idea I began lobbying to ensure that, as much as possible, neighbouring roads wouldn’t be turned into a giant car park. The result is that the Council will be introducing parking restrictions around the site (yellow lines) in what is known as a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)

The Council have a legal obligation to consult on this. You can read the proposals and get consulation details by clicking HERE.

You have until 29th June to make a submission.

At this point I should say that they are simply consulting on the yellow lines proposals. As far as the charging is concerned the Council will be pressing ahead with this so this is not included in the scope of the consultation.