There has quite rightly been a lot of public outcry at a recent spate of mindless vandalism in Henbury & Brentry in the last few weeks. This has included three burnt out cars, the burning of a motorbike over a bridge in the Crow Lane open space and the destruction of a tree near the play area.

The Police are working hard. They are recruiting more police officers at the moment (but they take time to train) and the opening of the new Southmead Police Station on 8th July will help - but they obviously can’t be everywhere.

On this issue I have been contacted by a couple of residents asking how they can help. On the off chance that there might also be potential volunteers that I don’t know about I thought I would pass on some useful links:

If you want to get involved with Neighbourhood Watch then you can find the details at or you could email the organiser Katie Brimble

If you are concerned about traffic speeds then you might consider volunteering for Community Speed Watch. You can fine more information at

The Police also have numerous volunteer positions across the Constabulary. You can look at what positions are open

One final thing - If you have any information on the recent mindless incidents then please report it to the police at 101 or anonymously at the Crime Stoppers website -

By working together we can make a difference. Thank you