Cllr Matthew Melias and I are exceedingly concerned about the proposed development at the old Fairways site in Kings Weston off Penpole Lane. At the moment the owner is hoping to get permission for 20 hard standing caravans and a modular building. Previous promises of a café and other facilities have been dropped.

We regard this now as a residential development in all but name and inappropriate for the area.

We will be lodging our objections to this and urge you to do the same.

You can get to the planning portal to make a comment by clicking HERE

This is the statement that Cllr Matthew Melias has submitted on our behalf:

As one of the three elected representatives for the ward in which this proposed redevelopment arises, I have been made well aware of the strength of opposition felt by local people to this opportunistic planning application.

I also sympathise with many of the expressed suspicions about the true nature of this suggested change of use which seems on the basis of the submission to be predominantly 'residential' - a caravan park or encampment - rather than the recreational and leisure class specified above.

In any event, there is no need to rely on hearsay or concern over any future plans for this site as grounds for objection as there are plenty of existent planning reasons to reject this development.

This 20 trailer/van hard standing area is entirely unsuitable for and out of keeping with an important Conservation Area. Bordering the Kings Weston Estate, one of the city's principal public amenities, and a key heritage site, such a 'vehicle' park would inevitably impact upon this recreational resource and potentially adversely affect the local environment and wildlife. Worryingly, I understand some green corridors for animal and insect species have previously been removed near to this location.

The creation of these plots for the travelling show community and their live-in vehicles will also create extra noise and light pollution and, no doubt, increase traffic congestion on already busy roads.

Furthermore, this proposal runs contrary to the restoration aspirations and plans of community groups like KWAG who are keen to enhance historic woodland and the local landscape for the benefit of future generations.

Accordingly, I urge planning officers to reject this application and give advance notice that if they should be minded to do otherwise, it will have to be referred to the relevant Development Control Committee for further consideration