About Mark Weston

Mark lives in Brentry with his wife and two children - both of which attend local schools. 

He has been a local Councillor since 2006 and during that time has worked hard to improve our community and protect local services. 

He has always taken the approach that results are what matters - so has worked cross Party on a wide range of issues. These have included preventing the sell off of local green spaces or stopping the closure of local libraries.

In addition he has a good track record of supporting local residents and community groups as we work together to better our neighbourhoods. These groups have ranged from sports groups, to scout troops, to park committees or religious organisations.

Professionally he has run night clubs, worked for BT and Bristol & West Mortgages before working in politics. He now works for a Facilities Management Company.

Outside of politics and work he loves Rugby, American Football, spending time with his family and reading (don't get him started on Science Fiction - you'll be there all day). 

If you have a problem that you believe Mark can help with then do please get in touch.