About Mark Weston

Mark Weston has a good reputation for supporting local community groups and residents, and was heavily involved in the campaign to stop the recent green space sell off and prevent the closure of some of Bristol's museums.

Mark currently works in politics, having previously worked for BT and Bristol & West Mortgages.

He is passionate about rugby, loves movies and is a bit of a geek when it comes to astronomy.

Mark is proud to have achieved so much for the local community and wider City over the last decade. To date his most important milestones are:-

- fighting off the last council attempt to build on our parks

- improving local Play areas and stopped the closure of the Blaise Museum amongst others. 

- delivering road improvements

- gaining agreement for the delivery of a new Henbury Station (planned for 2021) and pushing for rail improvements across the wider Bristol area. 

- blocking proposals to open up ‘rat-runs’ to clog up local road networks. 

- working with local residents to write and deliver their Community plans in order to better shape the future of local communities.