Protecting Local Facilities

We rely on our local services and facilities. They are vital to our community. Sadly all too often these are under threat from the Council. As your local Councillor I have always fought to preserve and improve on what we have here in Henbury & Brentry.

Campaigning to improve local transport

As your local Councillor I am passionate about improving local transport provision in Henbury and Brentry. This means make our roads safer, better public transport options and also ensuring that traffic flows as freely as possible in our community.

Protect from Overdevelopment

We all know that there are thousands of houses due to be built just over the border in South Gloucestershire (with work due to begin in 2020). I have been following this whole issue very carefully since it was first mooted in 2010.

Working with Community Groups

As your local Councillor I am always available to help community groups make our neighbourhoods a better place for everyone. In particular I have:

Improving our Parks & Green Spaces

Our parks and green spaces are vital to our community. They are where we play, exercise and relax. When they were threatened with being sold off in 2011 we rallied around and fought back. We stopped them then and since then have worked together to improve them.