Campaigning to improve local transport

In order to cut congestion in Bristol we need to improve public transport and reduce commuter traffic on our roads. 

Rail Improvements: For too long Bristol has ignored its railways lines. The Mayor may talk about his passion for an Underground but at £4bn it simply isn’t feasible. We need to be doing more to take advantage of the large amount of existing ‘over ground’ track. Our last Conservative MP, Charlotte Leslie, fought tooth and nail to get the Henbury Line plans approved, and the Henbury Spur is due to re-open in 2021. This is excellent – we want the Portway Park & Ride station re-opened and the Henbury Spur delivered – but with the continued building on our borders we need to be more ambitious.

I want us to look again at re-opening the full Henbury Loop complete with new stations at Horfield and Chittening. If we can connect the primary employment areas of Temple Meads, the Avonmouth Industrial Area and the manufacturing centres at Filton on the one loop line then it is a game changer in our efforts to tackle congestion. The Government has already given additional funding to the region to help deliver on our rail ambitions. I want to work with the Regional Mayor, City Council and the Government to take this even further.

A ring of Park & Ride sites: Rail is part of the solution but only part of it. I want to see a ring of park and ride sites around the City. These should be connected where possible to the railway network and primary bus routes. 

Revitalised Bus Network: I want to see an improved bus network with contactless ticketing operable between bus and train operators. We need to improve our network so that it connects the communities of the North Bristol to each other as well as the City Centre. At the moment our neighbourhoods, by and large, are well connected to the central Bristol, but often poorly connected to each other. This needs to change. I want to work with our bus operators to improve these connections.