Improving our Parks & Green Spaces

Our parks and green spaces are vital to our community. They are where we play, exercise and relax. When they were threatened with being sold off in 2011 we rallied around and fought back. We stopped them then and since then have worked together to improve them.

As your Councillor I have:

  • Forced the former Mayor to back down on plans to close the Blaise Museum.
  • Secured funding to get a play area restored to Okebourne Park and expanded the play area on Crow Lane. These have been delivered.
  • I lead community litter picks into our green spaces to try and keep them clean.
  • As mentioned above - stopped the sell off proposals.
  • Got additional benches installed and trees planted across Henbury & Brentry.

I am not resting on my laurels though and I continue to strive to improve them still further - we are due to get a MUGA (multi-use games area) and outdoor gym on the former Crow Lane bowling green and new trim trail installed in the Okebourne Open Space to expand the play area there.

After this we will be looking at new paths, benches and bins.

We all love our parks and together we can make them better!