Protecting Local Facilities

We rely on our local services and facilities. They are vital to our community. Sadly all too often these are under threat from the Council. As your local Councillor I have always fought to preserve and improve on what we have here in Henbury & Brentry.

When the library service was under threat local Conservatives were at the forefront of the campaign to get Mayor Rees to change his plans that would have seen 17 of 27 libraries closed. When Mayor Fergusson was mooting closing the Blaise Museum we forced him to rethink this cultural vandalism and keep it open (we are now trying to improve it).

I have worked to improve parks, roads, amenities and even wrote the bid that secured the Henbury & Brentry Community Centre for local residents. It is now open (though the fantastic support of its volunteers) and supporting local residents and groups.

I will continue to work to improve our community and protect local facilities.