Protecting North Bristol from over-development

In my opinion one of the biggest challenges that our communities face arises the housing development in South Glos. In total over 8000 homes are planned on the fringes of North Bristol. These are mainly divided between three primary land owners (although there are a few smaller developers as well) - Alder King around Clifton Rugby Club, Persimmon to the north of Brentry and YTL on the former airfield site. In total the scheme is known as the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood (CPNN).

All of these developers have agreed to form part of a land owners agreement that ensure that the development happens in an orderly manner, with the right local facilities coming on line at key stages of the development. To be honest I think that if you ignore the transport element of the scheme it actually is quite a good development. The problem is that you cannot ignore the transport element considering the gridlock that it risk unleashing on our already congested roads. 

To try and mitigate some of the damage the CPNN development will allocate £9.5m to Bristol for transport improvements on both the A4018 and the A38 corridors.

This will only be exacerbated by the Mayor's decision to move the planned Bristol arena to the Filton Airfield site. 

I want an assurance from the Mayor that he will apply to the West of England Authority to reallocate the £53m of funding secured from the Local Enterprise Partnership, originally earmarked for the Temple Quarter location, to be put towards mitigation measures in the northern part of the city.

Unfortunately, the proposals for alleviating the pressures from the CPNN are long overdue and these will have to be significantly improved upon in order to cater for YTL’s future 16,000 capacity arena.

There must be no delay or changes in timescale for existing planned improvements like the next phase of Metrowest but additionally we believe that the full Henbury Loop rail option must be revisited in the light of the Mayor's decision.

I have previously aired the concerns of residents living in Brentry and Southmead over the danger that Charlton Road could become an access point for the rebuilding of the Brabazon Hanger.  Like us they fear the area becoming one massive car-park and breaking previously given assurances on the use of Charlton Road as access road. 

This must not be allowed to happen and any changes to road layouts have to consider not just the impact on major arterial routes but also adjoining residential streets.

We all want an Arena that works for all Bristolians but we also want clarity that North Bristol won't be gridlocked every time the venue is used.

Pictured: Mark with Cllr Chris Windows overlooking the large expanse of land that will shortly be developed for housing. 


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