I am deeply concerned about the Council’s proposed plans for the North Bristol Road Network. These proposals were originally scheduled for publication in March 2016 in response to the large amount of new housing being proposed in South Gloucestershire. Now nearly three years late they have finally been published and there is no way to say this politely - they stink.

The proposals remove the Crow Lane roundabout entirely (replacing it with a new traffic light controlled junction), install new crossings and several new 24-hour dedicated bus lanes. In addition steps have been taken to limit traffic flow through Westbury Village which I fear will adversely affect local traders.

Some of the new proposals are welcome and are things that I and the wider community have been campaigning for over several years, for example:

  • Greater provision for cyclists over the Downs,
  • Traffic calming measures on Brentry Lane,
  • A new crossing from Dragonswell Road to Brentry Lane over Passage Road 
  • Abandoning plans to introduce bus lanes between the Crow Lane and rugby club roundabouts.

However, although some aspects are welcome, others are flawed to say the least. We are alarmed by absurd plans to ban turnings at critical junctions. In particular the idea to ban right turns off Passage Road into Knole Lane, banning the right turn from Passage Road to Charlton Road and introducing no-left turning from Falcondale Road up Henbury Hill.

There are far too many turnings and junctions being closed off which will make driving around this part of Bristol a confusing and frustrating experience. Communities could very well find themselves simply cut-off and isolated by a deliberate maze of restrictions and new one-way residential side streets.

Traffic planners also seem to have ignored our repeated lobbying to upgrade secondary junctions near the main route, for example the Crow Lane/Henbury Road junction, near the ford. If the A4018 becomes clogged then traffic will detour through other communities like Henleaze, Southmead and Stoke Bishop.

My Colleagues and I have objected to these proposals. Too many of the Councils plans are not in the best interests of local residents and need to be redrawn and remodelled. As they stand, they are not fit for purpose and are unacceptable.

Here is a quick rundown on what my colleagues and I have done on this issue:

  • An E-Newsletter to raise awareness
  • We have produced over 12,000 ‘InTouch’ leaflets going out this week and although they are not neutral (we aren’t terribly supportive of the scheme although there are a few good bits) they will direct people to the information on the website and how to get involved.
  • Public Meetings, we are holding several public meetings on the issue (details below).
  • Social Media. We have shot videos and promoted them across the affected area. 
  • Community events. We are doing our best to attend as many community coffee mornings and meetings between now and the end of the consultation as possible to point people at the consultation.
  • Press - we have been on the radio and in the local paper several times, again making the point to get your voice heard.
  • Complained, I have complained to the Council Officers about what is happening and lobbied the Cabinet Member for Transport. 
  • Council. We are tabling a motion to the March Council meeting calling on the administration to go back to the drawing board and come back with proposals that won’t isolate our communities from each other and the wider city.

You can read the Councils plans below. I would urge everyone to read the plans and take park in the Consultation.


  • Westbury Village Hall, ‪on Friday, 1st March (two meetings) one ‪at 6.30 pm and a second ‪at 8.00 pm
  • Westbury Village Hall, ‪on Saturday, 2nd March, from 10.00 am – 11.30 am
  • Henbury & Brentry Social Club, ‪on Tuesday, 5th March, from 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm


**The Council's consultation documents are below**




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