For the last four years residents of Avonmouth have been dreading the onset of warmer weather due to the explosion in the local fly population. As you will know these reported incidents started in 2015 near the industrial estate due to poor containment processes involved with the storage or transporting organic waste. 

Local Councillors and campaigners are pushing for a comprehensive plan to try and get ahead of the problem rather than continuously reacting all the time. 

“Now that spring is here residents are dreading the next wave of these flying pests,” argues Cllr Matt Melias. “The anger and distrust of authorities on this issue is already very high.

“People need to have their confidence restored that this problem is being treated seriously. Prevention and eradication of fly infestations is not rocket science, all that is lacking is the political will to commit funding towards tackling it property.

“I have now submitted my draft management plan which I believe would offer a permanent solution to this menace if applied properly.

“Now that waste treatment/transfer contracts have been renewed, it is a perfect time to put in place some safeguards for all those who happen to live near to these energy from waste processing plants.

“We don’t want any more platitudes from Bristol City Council on this matter but are looking for effective action. We are calling on the Mayor and his Cabinet colleagues to take this issue seriously by implement our comprehensive plan outlined below. It is time for the Council to act!”

You can read our plan by clicking on the attachment below.



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